As I think about what today brings, as the last day of the year, I think about how we will wake up tomorrow. In a new year. Some look at it as a new start and I just cannot wrap my mind around that idea.
When we live for something greater than ourselves, everyday is a new chance to give all we have for a God who gave all He had, in HIS son so that we can enjoy simple blessings, one in which, is being able to wake up in the morning.
I recently got to experience First hand what Gods grace looks like, and what putting all your faith in Him means, even during times of suffering; especially during times of suffering. When the desire of our hearts is to serve HIM, it takes out the thought that there is only room for what we want the end result to be. And in serving HIM we are servings and loving each other selflessly.
Before I post this final New Years blessing, I want to thank my family, mom and dad and steps, my friends both in Cali and Which include my roommates and my dog Bodie. I want to thank the Hammonds, i love you Chuckie! I want to thank my new Church fam @redemptionwestmesa and redemption Tempe.
I especially want to thank the Amaro’s for your friendship and support. And…the beautiful blessing God has put in my life, Noemi!
May God give all of you the gift of tomorrow to be a blessing in someone’s life! God Bless.