I remember being a kid. I remember long drives with my mom from San Diego to our hometown Riverside filled with stories like one about the date night that ended with scratching on the car door and a single bloodied hook left hanging on the door handle.

They call stories like this Urban Legends. Now at days, stories like this are all too real, so when i think of what would be considered a modern-day ‘Urban Legend’. I think of someone going out of their way to make a difference, to help people, not hurt them.

So I know you must be thinking, “hey food dude, how does this relate to food…dude?

Well, as I was leaving the house this afternoon, i was on a journey to find a good spot to grub and pray and feature for my end of the year blog. Then it hit me, i don’t really need to go far, because right around the corner is Urban Legends Pizza Works, owned by  local youth minister, Chad Jensen.

Chad has his degree from Hope University in Fullerton, CA, and has been on the grind with his outreach, Paradigm Ministries for the past 10 or so years, when it hit him to serve the community by giving the kids a safe fun place to hang out, and provide great pizza. why pizza?

“pizza is recession proof, and every neighborhood needs a great pizza place. stated Chad Jensen.

I got to sit down and share a couple of pies with Chad for bit today. The first one the crew brought out, was a ‘white pie’. Their version however isn’t just olive oil and feta cheese. It starts with a homemade alfredo sauce as the base, then sprinkled with feta cheese and basil, topped with mozzarella and dollops of whole milk ricotta. To garnish this amazing all 4 cheese ‘white pie’ is a leaf of spinach on each slice.

The second pie was their top signature pizza…the ‘ Ma Halo’. Inspired by authentic Hawaiian food and culture Chad and his wife fell in love with on their honeymoon. This pizza is topped with slow cooked kalua pulled pork, pineapples and mango sauce. I personally added some peppers for a kick, however, this pie hardly needs any additives.

As i was diving into deliciousness Chad explained the purpose of Urban Legends. It works to fund the non-profit, paradigm, whose proceeds go to support Soiled Dove Student union which is a vision to literally take Jesus to the Streets, the skate parks, and mosh pits to create a student union consisting almost of a bunch of punk rock, hip hop, extreme sport vagabonds for Christ. Their motto, “Impacting the Lives of THIS Generation.”

I love it…like the sign says, “pizza with a purpose”. Tonight is a prime example of what it’s all about, they are a huge sponsor for a New Years event in Tempe, AZ at rhythmic expressions dance, featuring last years Americas Best Dance crew, and Gilbert’s own, ‘The Electrolytes’ who are another prime example of a modern ‘Urban Legend,’ serving Christ through hip-hop street dance.

” Urban Legends is a good thing for the Gilbert community. Serving Christ and serving pizza! What’s better than that right?” Nico Banuelos- Electrolytes Dance Crew.

Urban Legends is located on the N/E corner of Lindsey and Warner roads in Gilbert, AZ and is open Tuesday through saturday lunch and dinner with a $4.99 wing special on Wednesday nights. You can also check them out on Facebook.com/urbanlegendspizzaworks for specials, updates and events.

RockON-BuonApetite&OneLove oh and Happy NEw Year!!


Pizza With a Purpose

Pizza With a Purpose