Once again its that time of year. Where LOVE…is the air. By love i mean, naked babies with arrows and heart shaped chocolates with weirdly flavored neugets.

Its a day where a man can redeem himself, or a housewife has an excuse to slab on the lipstick, slide into that red or black dress and at the end of the night give up the goods, and all on a school night.

Personally if you could manage to take the day off work you could begin with a sunrise surprise that would start with a bowl of pink oatmeal, and some heart shaped strawberry waffles, just to build the excitement. If you don’t live together a coffee and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese might also do the trick. Before you leave the house you are gonna want to blind fold your pretty lady, so i hope she trusts you. Why the blind fold you ask? Just to keep building up her imagination. I personally would pull in front of a denny’s and have her take it off, and say… “surprise.” HaHA. The real surprise will be a grand slam, however not the moons over my hammy type if you know what i mean. Remember the line in Its a Wonderful life?

“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon, Mary.”

Well, maybe not the moon, but…a better view of Gods amazing creation floating high above the earth in a hot air balloon.

The really cool thing is, that most of these rides come complimentary with a bottle of bubbly.

Truth is however, most of us can’t take the entire day off, nor can that amazing someone. So here it is, your date…with the food dude!

Valentines Day morning you wake up, get ready and head out for work. As you get out to your car, there is hot cup of Starbucks coffee, and under a card sitting on the hood in front of your drivers side, (so ya can’t miss it). The card has a picture of a couple on some bikes 😉 notate this for later 😉

The card would only read something like, “Happy Valentines- comfy clothes, pick you up @ 6pm Have a Wonderful Day!”

What this is setting her up for, is what she can expect for the night, while kind of still keeping it a surprise.

Now hands down, the most romantic meal is always going to be a large Italian Dish. So ill probably get off work tad early to prepare our Valentines Day dinner.

yum!!!! Spaghetti & heart shaped meatballs

use only real pomodoro tomatos, fresh garlic, oregano, stevia, garlic salt, and ground red pepper for spice. Meatballs: i like to use ground turkey, bread crumbs, onion powder, season salt,oregano, 2 eggs.

So Dinner is ready and packed into a basket along with some wine and bread and a blanket in my truck.

Now its 6pm and i’m arriving to the house, and what do you see when step out of the front door?

The beach cruiser you have been dying for! Now its off to the lake for ride to our spot, where we will enjoy the amazing dinner by the lake and count the stars.

Now that’s what you can expect from the FoodDude. However you can tweak it to fit your special someone’s personality a little better.

Also some great ideas for your buck in the phoenix area: PF Changs always has an amazing VDay Special, dinner for 2 with an appetizer and desert for under $25.00 which is a price you just can’t beat. They also have dinner and a movie in Scottsdale, which i’v never been too but would definitely love to try one day.

So what is the FoodDude doing for Valentines day- well, if i had someone- they would know they were special every day of the year. But i don’t and this year ill be spending it at church- with some friends and some local youth.

Have a Happy Valentines Day- RockOn-BuonApetite&OneLove