So the other day as I was driving home from work and as I am merging onto the freeway I look over and see this..,

7:30a.m. and larger than average woman is full on chowing down a huge burger. Now don’t get me wrong i love a good burger… In moderation! In fact I had one the other day at an amazing local restaurant owned by Rocker Alice Cooper, called Alice Cooperstown, which ill definitely go into detail about on my next post, because a place like deserves its own 5 page review but, can be summed up with one word, you have to follow my blog to see 😉
Anyways back to my thoughts on the ridiculousness of how we eat as Americans.
I would say it kind of begins with advertisement and marketing, and lets be honest, the segment this market is biased to is us men. Especially with food chains like Carl’s Jr. Putting out ads like this one:

Doesn’t that burger look amazing! In fact if i am being honest, there was definitely a time where if i saw this commercial i was ready to run out and get me a super star, or two. So, check out who else is watching this commercial:


And… as enjoyable as our model makes that burger look, can you picture her sitting next to our buddy here while they share in this amazing delight. NO!! Absolutely Not! She probably wouldn’t say two words to him if she saw him sitting there mowing that thing down with his shirt off, like he is here. Which is sad, because he’s probably one of the best dudes she may never meet.

For some of us, the “sex sells” style marketing doesn’t matter, the big seller is price, and convenience. Truth is, it is quicker and cheaper to just hit the drive through or toss in a frozen burrito to go. Ill tell you, egg burritos are my personal favorites!

What i have had to learn though is that easy and cheap, reflects on us… in this case, physically. If we spend a little more on the good natural essentials, and take the time to prepare the hard things all on one day. We not only save money, but we begin to feel lighter and more energized. Then when we do more physical activities we do less where we spend our money and as our bodies get healthier our mind gets sharper, opening us up to growth, socially and spiritually.

There is nothing like a good juicy burger with bacon and cheese, and i’m not saying “don’t eat burgers!” But, on a regular basis maybe substitute the bread with lettuce, if you have a special place, save it for the cheat day. If you make it yourself you can naturalize it and grill it yourself, using only prime cut meat and fresh organic veggies and almond cheese. Adding a good fat like California grown avocados and your splurge, a piece of bacon to any all natural home cooked burger can still be a healthy alternative than those quick chains.

A couple of Food Dude tips: Stay away from breads and the soda to wash down. Stick with water especially before the meal to get that fuller feeling. Also eating after exerting energy, i.e.,, working out is a plus because your body is already burning.

So Next time you are in a rush, and just Dying for that Burger, think about it like this: It’s like you, paying someone to kill you. It just doesn’t make sense…

Till next time…   RockOn-BuonApetite&OneLove    TheFoodDude!