Today is the the infamous “Black Friday” and despite the more common waiting in lines and getting deals on stuff at best buy and walmart, I’d say there’s way better traditions to be apart of. Like… turkey sandwiches.

Every year my family in California, which i miss goes over to the grandparents house the day after and my grandpa makes the bomb turkey sandwiches. You can do open faced or cold, its with whatever was left over from the night before.

One of my favorites is by far the open faced hot turkey sandwich. This consists of two open faced buttered slices of bread, stuffing then turkey and topped with left over mashed potatoes and gravy or if you are a cranberry type, cranberry sauce.

The other think that can definitely be done, is a thanksgiving turkey reuben, In this case you use rye bread and make a cranberry aioli, put stuffing on the bottom, then dark meat turkey, top with some cole slaw melt swiss over slaw and spread the cranberry aioli.

Today i don’t really want to get in too deep with the recipe part of it, because i want you to just picture this sandwich in front of you more so, and imagine the taste, then I want you to think of some of the other possibilities that can be done with this left over turkey.

One idea i had myself then went online research was a thanksgiving tamale. The recipes for this were very different, I found one i liked with a turkey/ cranberry mole’ and thought this actually sounded the best, however, i still am all about doing my own thing.

Of course you use leftover turkey, and mix that turkey with its juices and gravy.For the masa to make my normal tamales   I  get the pre made bags from my local ranch market, or carneceria or tortarilla, what ever mexican/ cultural store usually has them pre made like that, ready to go.  In this case i would actually take the masa thought and mix in a blender with turkey stock and even chunks of the turkey in it.  Make sure you soak your corn husks to make them soft, then spread your masa and in the middle place a dallup of stuffing and the turkey gravy mixture and role. Do this process with how ever many you want. Place them folded in a large steam pot and let those suckers steam.

The coolest part is making a hot sauce now out of cranberries  and red peppers. Of course you grind up the peppers with some garlic and lemon and some tomatoes in a blender with a little water. But if you add some cranberries for a sweetness to it you get best of both worlds right? And when those tamale’s are done steaming you can pour that red sauce on and grub down.

Now i haven’t exactly tried this exact recipe myself, but if you understand flavor, and love food, its not hard to see that this is exactly what you need to be the cool kid at your work holiday party.

In fact what you could also do is make the tamales a little smaller so people could actually dip them in the sauce. You would definitely be the hit. Like i’v said before, I’m completely unconventional and out of the box, so an exact recipe is just not my style, but if you can copy and paste my directions, I can guarantee you a meal you will never forget.

Also I want you to remember that this is the season for giving and giving thanks. You may have a ton of leftovers and there may be a way to give others so they have something to be thankful for as well, i.e. a homeless park or the guy on the corner you see everyday.  Or that family that lost everything in a fire. Who knows? What I know is that I am truely thankful for the people in my life, even the ones who touched it briefly and are gone. Sometimes I feel like I need more but none the less, i’m thankful for all i have and all I don’t have as well.


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