So we’re all familiar with the term “surf ‘n’ turf.” It’s used usually to describe steak and seafood, sometimes a scampi dredged over a succulent prime rib, or a filet miñon accompanied by a lobster tail and lemon butter sauce. Yum! Right?

But how about if we put the “surf” inside the “turf” ?

Not only do you get an easy amazing combo, you also save a little money while your at it.

Anytime I’m creating I always have to have a good jam playing, usually Sublime Radio on pandora. Right now I actually have the eagles playing, with some Hotel California.

So maybe as you get ready to start cooking you might turn up some of your favorites too!

So let’s get started!

Here’s the unconventional lineup of your ingredients:

•Flank Steak(Local Natural Grass fed. thin sliced)
•Fresh shrimp
•Butter w/ olive oil
•cream cheese
•Green Onions
•Fresh minced Garlic (Christopher Ranch for you real garlic lovers.
•Heavy Cream
•Truffle Butter
•whole butter potatoes(side)
•parsley (for garnish- to impress the ladies) 😁😉
•cooking string (just in case)

The saving money part comes from having cream cheese, eggs, butter and those types of ingredient already in the house. The truffle butter can be hard to find and a little more expensive though, however you will be saving money on not having to buy multiple thick cut prime steaks.

Create your Waves
First clean the seafood, and peel shrimp if needed. Then toss scallops and shrimp in kooking pan with butter and garlic. In a microwave safe bowl cook cream cheese and chopped green onions on high until smooth and able to stir evenly. When seafood and cheese are both done mix shrimp and scallops with the butter into the melted cheese and mix evenly. Let mix sit to thicken.

Meanwhile on the mainlandprep oven at 375
Take the flat pieces of flank steak and char each side in flat cooking pan. I like to throw on some Montreal seasoning or whatever else I may have to add extra flavor. Pull the steak off with a quick char, but not cooked on inside(this is mostly to keep raw juices from contaminating our filling)You want to spread the steak out flat and even over wax paper that sits on a thin towel. Then spread the seafood filling with an even thickness over the entire steak but leaving space on the Ends where you will fold steak over. Then using the towel begin to roll your steak, when completely done fold down ends. If needed, use cooking rope to tie up. Place in center of oven. Cook until it smells good!

Truffle it up
In a sauce pan sauté cut mushrooms that you cleaned first 😉 then pour in the cream and cook till simmer over medium heat. Add truffle butter and toss in a pinch of salt and pepper keeping heat very very low, not to burn the truffle butter. Keep swirling around until melted.

In a separate bowl pour in truffle cream, add egg and mix. This is merely for cosmetic garnish on plate

At some point in all of this yumminess you want to go ahead and slightly boil then bake butter potatoes for your side.

When the roll is done let stand then slice into 1inch filets.
On a plate drizzle garnish sauce, then place 1 slice and dredge with truffle cream. Place baked potato on plate and parsley for garnish.

I can promise that you and your guests will want to eat this then another for desert.
Speaking of stop in tomorrow for a FoodDude desert recipe 😜

Once again friends-


Reference: Barefoot Contessa- food Network for the truffle butter cream(minus mushrooms)