It’s no wonder Ray Charles had her on his mind. Sometimes I ponder if it was for the same reasons as I. His hit song “Georgia On My Mind” was on the billboards for months, and with all the country singers out there would be nothing cool about another one, I think Ray got it right the first time.

When you think of Georgia you think south. Great food, great music, good people. But when I went there recently, I didn’t get into any of those things, i went for one, someONE, that is. What an amazing someone it was, what an amazing mother, daughter, and hard worker. She really lit up a room, well at least mine. I had never traveled across the country for anything else, well except the army but there wasn’t any fun or choice there. lol. But like the army I was willing to give my all, to make a change, and to follow better so I could be a good leader.

Georgia was a great place, and it supported my friends beauty well. The wooded lined streets and the beautiful hills to the beaches of savannah all play the backdrop of a beautiful life. I think that it is easy for great people to stand out there, I would go there in a heartbeat. I would call Atlanta the California of the South it instantly became one of my favorite city’s’ .

I hope next time I can get more into the food, but until then, there so be only one that always keeps Georgia on my mind.