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So this blog isn’t about food or anything related to food, except for the fact that we all make and eat it, haha

The visual concept of men and women in relationship is that women, well are smarter than men. And let’s be honest, in today’s society it would Appear so. But once apon a time man rules the household and the term given was, “daddy dearest.” In most relationships, the man looks like the bigger skrew up. And let’s be honest men, we are pretty good at jacking things up. But if we’re being honest here the real truth is that we ARE skrew ups, all of us, and WE as man are going to jack things up.
So as smart as women are supposed to be, why can’t they see this and understand. I mean you definitely have your douche-bags, but what about the guy that is truly himself, and loves extremely hard. Why do you run? I mean that’s the one who is going to say and do all the wrong things! Why? Because he likes you! And who he is, he is a failure, a sinner, a joke. But who he is made to be, is a hero, a lover, A leader, all it takes is one that can see past the dirt and is ready to follow.
Someone I know once said, all they want is for someone to accept them, someone who holds that “come as you are” attitude. The way Jesus loves is like this, and so, the way I love will always be this.

“”But Adam, no suitable helper was found. So The Lord caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the mans ribs and closed up the place with flesh. Then The Lord God mad a Woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, ” this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man. “” Gen 3:20-23


When I was a kid I remember my grandpa’s favorite all time meal being SoS or $h.. on a Shingle. My Grandpa is a retired Mp from the old school army air core. Hes a man of honor and integrity and an an amazing leader for our family. Today this new take on an old military recipe is inspired by him.

As an ex cook in the US Army myself, its also my favorite meal that i learned to cook. However, it has gone from the creamy chipped beef to ground beef gravy. Ill be honest i love to make it more in a breakfast gravy fashion with ground maple sausage over a fluffy  scramble. But tonight i’m gonna go the extra and give you a fun different take on this old favorite.

Corn Hole SoS


  • Chipped Corned Beef
  • Flour- all purpose
  • Butter
  • Siracha
  • half cup heavy cream
  • half cup milk
  • Sweet yellow onion
  • Swiss Cheese
  • black pepper
  • bay leaf
  • chicken stock
  • Sour Dough bagel


You can crock pot the corned beef- for 8 hours on low with chicken stock, black pepper and a bay leaf.

For the cream, you want to start by melting and half stick of butter stirring in flour little by little until its an even sticky rue goo. Stir in cream and slowly add milk as need to  thin out.  Lower heat and Stir evenly not letting rue burn.  you can also pull heat back and cover reach thickening faster yet you want to keep stirring regularly for evenness. Season with salt and a couple good squeezes of siracha.

Cut and Caramelize onions in a separate pan with butter.

Toast a Sour Dough bagel and place a slice of swiss on top. Put grilled onions on cheese then top with chipped corned beef. Pour Cream over entirety of the open faced sammy and vwalla

The Corn Hole SoS!!!

Now I didn’t use specifics on the measurements because the truth is, and what every military cook will tell you is that even though we are taught by recipe, it was common to improvise and season by taste, that is when  we seasoned. Typical SoS was originally pretty bland as most military recipes due to  allergies and all the different taste buds you got coming through the defac on the regular basis, hooah.

I hope some of you will try this amazing take on our old favorite and maybe send some feedback over on how it went for you. The truth is i wasn’t able to go to the dust bowl and regret some of the choices that kept me from serving next to all my pals, i was so blessed and privileged to train under and with you, and today i salute you all along with my Grandpa Kit and my close fam and friends who served.

Happy Vets Day!!!!- TheFoodDude!!!



Apple Jalapeño cream stuffed Sirloin Burgers w/ a apple cider vinegar cilantro aioli… Ummm, yes please!


Burger patties
•Fresh sirloin- I picked up fresh young sirloin steaks and asked the butcher to grind it up for me
•Grape Jelly- yup 1/2 cup or so will do
•1/4 cup chopped red onion
•Spices: mesquite, black pepper, sea salt, garlic salt, chili powder, parsley and Montreal steak season

Apple Jalapeño cream cheese filling
•1 Granny smith Apple- I used organic
•4 tablespoons of sliced pickled jalapeños(I was lucky enough to have gotten some homegrown jalapeños canned by some friends-great touch)
•1 12 oz container of soft cream cheese
•shredded Parmesan cheese
•sliver slice jalapeños and 1/2 apples as small as possible then place in medium bowl with 12oz of cream cheese and small handful of shredded parm.

Put 1lb of ground sirloin 1/2 cup grape jelly, chopped red onion and all seasoning (by preference) except Montreal seasoning in a separate large bowl & mix evenly with bare hands until meat has an even infusion of all ingredients. Knead together then roll into balls. Then flatten into about 5 in cir patties and with your thumb make a little pool In the center.
Place dallup of filling in center pool on patties. Then in the same fashion as before flatten more patties just a little smaller and flatter and place on top, smoothing out and making one large stuffed patty. Then sprinkle Montreal steak seasoning on top each patty.
Place cookie sheet in fridge to settle 20minutes.

Cook patties in oven for about 10 minutes then toss on grill for char only about 3 minutes.
Top with pepper corn bacon and garnish with baby spinach and homemade aioli (instructions for both below) we served burgers on a honey wheat bun from trader joes but you can really do it how you want .enjoy!

Crackle black pepper on bottom of pan then place bacon in baking pan. Crackle more black pepper on top and spritz with apple cider vinegar and bake till crisp at 350

Apple cider vinegar & cilantro aioli
•1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
•1/2 cup grapeseed oil
•1 large egg
•1 tspn Dijon mustard
•2 medium garlic cloves
•sea salt
•1tspn apple cider vinegar
•cilantro- medium handful
•1/2 a lemon

Put egg, Dijon, and garlic in blender and blend till even on high. Then on low slowly pour in olive oil and then grapeseed oil, about 10 seconds. Add cilantro, two grinds from the sea salt shaker and squeeze of that half Lemmon then pulse 4 times.

I promise you absolutely love this aioli- and it can be re-used the next day as a salad dressing.

Checkout the pictures in process on my Facebook by searching Hospitable Me.

One of the best ways to influence peoples lives I believe is through the meals we share. I’m blessed with a passion not just for food but for loving people whole heartedly. My “Hospitable Me” campaign, though just beginning will give me a chance to use my gifts to enjoy people and share Gods love.

I hope you enjoy- RockOn-BuonApetite&OneLove

The FoodDude



So the other day as I was driving home from work and as I am merging onto the freeway I look over and see this..,

7:30a.m. and larger than average woman is full on chowing down a huge burger. Now don’t get me wrong i love a good burger… In moderation! In fact I had one the other day at an amazing local restaurant owned by Rocker Alice Cooper, called Alice Cooperstown, which ill definitely go into detail about on my next post, because a place like deserves its own 5 page review but, can be summed up with one word, you have to follow my blog to see 😉
Anyways back to my thoughts on the ridiculousness of how we eat as Americans.
I would say it kind of begins with advertisement and marketing, and lets be honest, the segment this market is biased to is us men. Especially with food chains like Carl’s Jr. Putting out ads like this one:

Doesn’t that burger look amazing! In fact if i am being honest, there was definitely a time where if i saw this commercial i was ready to run out and get me a super star, or two. So, check out who else is watching this commercial:


And… as enjoyable as our model makes that burger look, can you picture her sitting next to our buddy here while they share in this amazing delight. NO!! Absolutely Not! She probably wouldn’t say two words to him if she saw him sitting there mowing that thing down with his shirt off, like he is here. Which is sad, because he’s probably one of the best dudes she may never meet.

For some of us, the “sex sells” style marketing doesn’t matter, the big seller is price, and convenience. Truth is, it is quicker and cheaper to just hit the drive through or toss in a frozen burrito to go. Ill tell you, egg burritos are my personal favorites!

What i have had to learn though is that easy and cheap, reflects on us… in this case, physically. If we spend a little more on the good natural essentials, and take the time to prepare the hard things all on one day. We not only save money, but we begin to feel lighter and more energized. Then when we do more physical activities we do less where we spend our money and as our bodies get healthier our mind gets sharper, opening us up to growth, socially and spiritually.

There is nothing like a good juicy burger with bacon and cheese, and i’m not saying “don’t eat burgers!” But, on a regular basis maybe substitute the bread with lettuce, if you have a special place, save it for the cheat day. If you make it yourself you can naturalize it and grill it yourself, using only prime cut meat and fresh organic veggies and almond cheese. Adding a good fat like California grown avocados and your splurge, a piece of bacon to any all natural home cooked burger can still be a healthy alternative than those quick chains.

A couple of Food Dude tips: Stay away from breads and the soda to wash down. Stick with water especially before the meal to get that fuller feeling. Also eating after exerting energy, i.e.,, working out is a plus because your body is already burning.

So Next time you are in a rush, and just Dying for that Burger, think about it like this: It’s like you, paying someone to kill you. It just doesn’t make sense…

Till next time…   RockOn-BuonApetite&OneLove    TheFoodDude!

So last week the Food Dude was on Vacation. And even though the water was cold, the local restaurants were nice and toasty, stylee west coasty! Arrived to the beach just after dusk, to meet some awesome local friends from M&M Surf School at Seal Beach, they suggested Walt’s Wharf, which can be found right on Main Street in Seal Beach, Ca.

When I go to a new place I look for a few different things, atmosphere, wait time, service. And of course… I want to try what the place is popular for with the locals. And Walt’s is said to be known for their Oak Grilled Artichoke with a Lea and Perrins Aioli, yum. These artichokes were the best I’ve had, so tender. And the aioli was the we even got extra to dip our shrimp in with the main coarse. This was a food dude A- the minus is in the price, it is seafood, however if it’s a little ore affordable we could have definitely stayed and munched longer.

20130227-171407.jpg                                                           20130227-171541.jpg

Another Seal Beach favorite, which I mentioned in my last post is El Burrito Jr. They have everything from nachos, to enchiladas, but- what they’re most famous for is “the surfer special.” I’m pretty sure this was created specifically for my friends down at the surf school, but I’ve never asked. The surfer special includes: 2 bean & cheese burritos their homemade chips and a medium drink, which if all the local gromlets are like me they probably order the orange bang whip. These guys have been doing it right for years, their beans are actually the best refried beans I’ve ever tasted, well besides my Ortega fam beans I ate in the good growing up;)
Speaking of Growing I briefly stopped in and chatted with the folks at kraemers koffee bistro in my hometown of Riverside, what a kozy little spot in the Brockton/magnolia area near central. What draws me to talk about this place is the fact that they are hometown kids, my uncles grew up with owner and it seemed as though they new tons of locals I knew, and let’s be honest there’s nothing like that small kozy coffee shop feeling;)


One of my favorite reasons going home is seeing my dear Grama Elaine, I know I spelled Grandma wrong but since I was a kid… That’s what shes been, Grama.


This trip was the best, my mom and I picked up Grama early in the morning and headed out to beach for breakfast. There is only one spot I wanted to try, and that’s where the surfers go…so we headed to The Sugar Shack on main street Huntington Beach. The owners have kept this place in the family since the 1970’s. When you look in, it looks tiny, but head back they have a huge back patio. In order to get there you had to walk by the wall of Jesus and scripture pictures which if you know me, you know that is a huge + for the food dude report card. When people aren’t aren’t afraid to share faith and still run a successful service industry establishment. As far as the food goes it wa basic, they could definitely step up the portion size. But atmosphere and service definitely makes up. They were on top of everything for my gram in the wheel chair and speedy with a smile. Which puts them at an A rating.
There is so many places that are Amazing along that trip and I can’t wait to go back and hit some more, but for now I’m back in the desert and cooking up some sunshine so till next time…



photo (3)It’s kind of crazy when i think of how waking up at the crack of dawn on my vacation, is rejuvenating to me. But as i stood there in the parking lot looking out at an ice cold cloud covered pacific ocean, i felt like i was home, and there was nothing else in the world but me, God, and those waves.

Now i’m definitely not a real deal surfer, by any means. Maybe an honorary…LoL But i think it was just a love i inherited from early exposier to it in my child hood.

One of my fondest memories was a specific summer when i went out to Seal Beach with some family friends and learned how to surf from our family friends at M&M surf school @ seal beach. I’m so blessed to call these guys family, however it seems like everyone who knows these cats, would tell you the same thing.

I met my buddy Mike out there early monday morning, put on the wet suit and headed out. The water was freezing but somehow, that could not stop me from this, 😉 I paddle out, and hop up on my board, and here it comes, so i start paddling, and as i begin to get myself up i realize, i don’t know where my feet are. It was so cold my feet were numb. After wiping out a few times i hop up on my board. As i’m sitting up gazing the ocean for some breaks, i felt humbled.

I’m floating on a stick, in the middle of this huge unknown powerful body, of water. Out of no where there are these ripples, waves, that come at us, so…We try to hop up on that stick and ride em out. Most of the time we fall, but we always paddle back out and hop up, waiting for the next one. Doesn’t this sound a little like that one thing we live? you know LIFE.

At the end of the day, i literally caught zero waves due to one not feeling my legs and two just not being comfortable. However, i came out of the water as if i had accomplished so much.

What an Amazing Feeling!

If you ever get the chance to head out to Seal Beach, Ca. Look for a big van with a ton of surfboards . Go say hi. My friend Mike has been given the nick name “the saint of Seal Beach.” He and his son Mike Jr. run camps and teaching adults and children this awesome way of life. Sunday mornings you can even catch a surfer church service on the beach. Also after every sess, they will walk you up for the “surfer special” at El Burrito Jr. These Bean & cheese burritos are definitely the best you will ever have, along with an orange bang whip to top it off, makes the perfect vacation.

If you ever get the chance, pic up the book KOOK, what an amazing analogy 😉 to surfing and life.


photo (5) photo (4)

For info on M&M surf school in Seal Beach, Ca call 1-714-U-Go-SURF

Once again its that time of year. Where LOVE…is the air. By love i mean, naked babies with arrows and heart shaped chocolates with weirdly flavored neugets.

Its a day where a man can redeem himself, or a housewife has an excuse to slab on the lipstick, slide into that red or black dress and at the end of the night give up the goods, and all on a school night.

Personally if you could manage to take the day off work you could begin with a sunrise surprise that would start with a bowl of pink oatmeal, and some heart shaped strawberry waffles, just to build the excitement. If you don’t live together a coffee and a bagel with strawberry cream cheese might also do the trick. Before you leave the house you are gonna want to blind fold your pretty lady, so i hope she trusts you. Why the blind fold you ask? Just to keep building up her imagination. I personally would pull in front of a denny’s and have her take it off, and say… “surprise.” HaHA. The real surprise will be a grand slam, however not the moons over my hammy type if you know what i mean. Remember the line in Its a Wonderful life?

“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you the moon, Mary.”

Well, maybe not the moon, but…a better view of Gods amazing creation floating high above the earth in a hot air balloon.

The really cool thing is, that most of these rides come complimentary with a bottle of bubbly.

Truth is however, most of us can’t take the entire day off, nor can that amazing someone. So here it is, your date…with the food dude!

Valentines Day morning you wake up, get ready and head out for work. As you get out to your car, there is hot cup of Starbucks coffee, and under a card sitting on the hood in front of your drivers side, (so ya can’t miss it). The card has a picture of a couple on some bikes 😉 notate this for later 😉

The card would only read something like, “Happy Valentines- comfy clothes, pick you up @ 6pm Have a Wonderful Day!”

What this is setting her up for, is what she can expect for the night, while kind of still keeping it a surprise.

Now hands down, the most romantic meal is always going to be a large Italian Dish. So ill probably get off work tad early to prepare our Valentines Day dinner.

yum!!!! Spaghetti & heart shaped meatballs

use only real pomodoro tomatos, fresh garlic, oregano, stevia, garlic salt, and ground red pepper for spice. Meatballs: i like to use ground turkey, bread crumbs, onion powder, season salt,oregano, 2 eggs.

So Dinner is ready and packed into a basket along with some wine and bread and a blanket in my truck.

Now its 6pm and i’m arriving to the house, and what do you see when step out of the front door?

The beach cruiser you have been dying for! Now its off to the lake for ride to our spot, where we will enjoy the amazing dinner by the lake and count the stars.

Now that’s what you can expect from the FoodDude. However you can tweak it to fit your special someone’s personality a little better.

Also some great ideas for your buck in the phoenix area: PF Changs always has an amazing VDay Special, dinner for 2 with an appetizer and desert for under $25.00 which is a price you just can’t beat. They also have dinner and a movie in Scottsdale, which i’v never been too but would definitely love to try one day.

So what is the FoodDude doing for Valentines day- well, if i had someone- they would know they were special every day of the year. But i don’t and this year ill be spending it at church- with some friends and some local youth.

Have a Happy Valentines Day- RockOn-BuonApetite&OneLove